Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sabbath at the school

We are on our way back to the hotel after a nice Sabbath worship with the church members. After a great semon by pastor Tito, we went with the church members and passed out flyers inviting the town to the clinic and evangelistic meetings.
Pastor Ivan and his wife
Pastor Tito preaching at the school

The church at worship in the school

We had a bit of an adventure waiting for our bus driver. We couldn't find him for about 30 minutes so Tito started up the bus (after Eric shimmied through the window!) And was ready to drive away. Luckily the driver showed up.

The rest of our group made it to the Santiago airport safely. Ed Dewar had a bit of an adventure with getting his dental equipment out of customs. We had to pay a small fine, but they are safely on the bus to the hotel.

Gracie Ramia, Jo Ramia and Geneva Maccallum didn't make it to miami in time for the flight. We are working on how to get them to us on sunday or monday. Keep them in your prayers!

After we got back from the church, a group of us walked about 10 minutes to this wonderful waterfall in the area.

The hotel had two ostritches. Later in the week, Bobby threatened to make an ostritch burger. I'm not sure if he was joking.

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POPS said...

Only one other thing today. WHERE'S THE PICTURES?????
At least EASTWOOD gave you great shots!