Monday, July 17, 2017

Made it to airport Trinidad

First flight leg complete. Landed in Trinidad and shouldn't have to deplane. We will see if that holds true.

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Nineteen baptisms!!!

We had a wonderful treat last night. We had one of our youth, Rosie, decide for baptism on Saturday night so we gathered for her baptism before worship on Sunday. After she was baptized, pastor Jonathan asked if there were any others. One by one they stepped forward till we had nineteen (!) total that were baptized for the first time or recommitted themselves! Since most of them were youth that don't have their parents there, the only others that I will mention are David Peganyee sr and jr! The Holy Spirit was moving last night in a powerful way. Very emotional night!

Those baptisms are a realization of why we started these youth mission trips. Praise the Lord that these trips are a tool for the moving among His people!!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Completed school!

We completed the entire school today! The team did amazing and got all of the end and inside walls done. I had a dream last night that we would finish. This team likes trying to douse me with water at the end of the project in celebration. Some times they get me some times they don't. I told them that if they completed I would let them do it. And they did

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thursday construction report

We had a challenging day today but pushed through. We got all of the side walls done and will finish the concrete in the morning and get working on the end walls. Great work by the team day with challenges of rain and one mixer having to go to the other job site for the team coming in today.

We had one of our team members get a little concrete shower when a hole developed on a block. She took it well and got cleaned up ok.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday report.

We are done with twelve courses all the way around.  We will need to pour in the morning and get three more courses done on the sides to get done on time.   Team is doing great and we have had very little rain.  We did have a mixer malfunction today.   Had to take it apart. Recruited ray to help disassemble.  

Medical had another long day.  They had a two hour bus ride and saw over 60 patients.   Very fulfilling but tiring.  

Vbs had a good day as well.  They had over 80 children today and are making a difference.  We have an awesome team and they are taking on leadership roles they didn't expect.   

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tuesday construction report

We are halfway through our construction week. We made good progress today. We are completely done with the eighth course and poured. We have about half of the ninth course done. We are a little behind but hope to catch up.

We had a visitor today. One of the pastors from the conference office came by and worked with us for most of the day. We sure enjoyed having pastor Hamilton with us today. Very hard worker!!

Weather had been great so far, albeit hot. Rains once a day for about ten minutes. We pray that it continues!!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Medical team adventures

Our medical team made their first clinic trip today. They were supposed to have a 75 minute drive and 45 minute boat ride to the town that turned into a 90 minute drive and 2 hour boat ride ! Needless to say the team is tired but happy. They saw over 50 patients and made a real impact. They have a much shorter commute tomorrow to their location!!

First day of vbs

Vbs had their first day of ministry today. They had some challenges with the sound and video equipment and rain, but forged ahead! Started out with five kids and ended up with over 60 at the end. They corrected a few things with the equipment and will have a smoother day tomorrow!

Monday construction update

Had a better day on construction. Wasn't as hot and humid and got all the way done with five courses today. Will have a lot to do to catch up as we have scaffolding to set up tomorrow. Team is doing great though!

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Construction report

Our team did a great job on their first day. We had to move hundreds of clock to prepare to lay them. That took longer than usual due to how far away they were and the length of the walls.

After that, we had the first course, which is the hardest. We got about 2.5 courses done all the way around.

It was very hot and humid so a lot of folks got dehydrated. We will do better about that tomorrow.

Only rained once so praise the Lord!

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Sabbath in Guyana

We had a great Sabbath in Guyana. We went to the church where the team will conduct VBS and had church. Some of our team helped out as well.

After we ate lunch there, the team had some time to relax before our team building and evening worship and meeting.

Everyone is ready to start ministry tomorrow!

Friday, July 07, 2017

In Guyana

We made it to Guyana with all of our luggage! Praise the Lord!

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Made it to Trinidad

We all made it to Trinidad. However we must change our plane here so we had to deplane and are waiting to board the new plane. Fun

Safely in Miami

We all made it to Miami and everyone has their bag!!!! Praise the Lord. Now waiting to check in for Caribbean. Waiting for agents so quite a lineup

On the plane to Miami

All on board to Miami. A few of our team are sleeping as you can see. We are the bright yellow shirts. So far, so good.

Guyana mission trip has begun

We have made it on the plane to Miami for the first leg of our trip. We had a bit of a scare as one of our team members overslept and got to the airport with only 40 minutes to check in. Thanks to the awesome United groups staff, we got his bag checked and he and i sprinted (literally) thru the airport and made it on the plane. Praise the Lord!

We have 60 total people going to Guyana to build a school, conduct medical clinics and a vacation bible school. Pray that God will lead and that hearts will be touched!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wonderful sabbath and first church service

We had our first church service in the new church. The church was filled with mainly kids from the vbs and medical. We had a lot of them say they would be back last week!

We also had a baptism after we got back from church. One of our youth, Parker Carbone, was baptized today at the hotel pool. That is a first for our mission trips and was amazing!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Massive storm last night

We were woke up to a massive thunderstorm last night at around 2 am. I don't recall many storms that have been stronger for a long period and dump that much rain.

Electricity is out all over town. We are hopeful the electricity comes on soon so vbs can operate. Since we got done with blockwork yesterday, we won't need electricity. Praise the lord!

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Wednesday pics

Amazing day of ministry

We had a fantastic day on Wednesday. On construction we got completely done with all blockwork on the church! We have never done all blockwork on any church in four days with any group. Truly amazing and totally a God thing.

Our medical team had an addition of a local doctor today and they were able to see 93 patients ! All of our glasses have been given out as well. They have been doing amazing work and really ministering to the town.

Vbs group had a smoother day today and have the kinks worked out. 300 kids is a ton to handle and they are making it work. The kids are really enjoying it.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday in Pedasi

End of day three. The team is doing awesome work!!! Completed 13 courses all the way around and 14 on one end. Should finish the sides tomorrow and a lot of the gables.

Our vbs team has continued to adapt and is now running four different vbs sessions a day. They have over 300 kids and it is going well.

Medical is up and running and ministering to the town. Yesterday they saw 45 persons and had more than that show up today!

We have more and more people showing up to the jobsite to ask what is going on. We have been able to share why we are there. Two police officers in full riot gear came by on a motorcycle today and waved me over. They wanted to know what was going on and were genuinely interested. I told them to come to church on Sabbath for the dedication so they could provide protection! They laughed at that.

We also had an expat from the states come by today and took pictures for the local pedasi Facebook page. We are getting noticed!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Sunshine on Monday

We had a great day on construction and NO RAIN! As a result, we got done with nine courses of block. Amazing work by our team.

One of our you, Amos, decided today that he was the project manager and boss rather than me. So we ran with that and decided that, as a good leader, if we got done with nine courses that I could throw him in the pool. You can see by the video that he is a good sport.

Awesome day and praise the lord for good weather!!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ministry reports for Sunday

We have had miracles today. The school had been on strike and they lifted the strike today so we can vbs at the school! Amazing that it happened.

They have 300 kids so they are going to have to run TWO vbs sessions during the day from 8:30-1:30. A long day.

For medical, a local doctor showed up out of the blue with a TON of medicine and supplies! We will also get tables and chairs and privacy screens. Amazing!

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The rains came down

We finished with day one on the job site. It rained solid till about two pm. Everyone was soaked through and stayed wet all day.

In spite of that, with new team members, we achieved our goal and a bit more. We got done with four courses, rebar tied and concrete poured. We also extended the rebar and put up scaffold. An awesome day and incredible effort by a new and young team.