Sunday, March 16, 2008

The day of miracles

Well, I am now on the plane to miami. I didn't have any issues on the train thanks to the conductor. When we got to san fernando, he gave me his seat to sit in the rest of the way to santiago!

Then, when we arrived, I went to the taxi line and was waiting. There was only one guy in front of me when one taxi pulled up. He started to put his bags in, but then took them out and waved me over to take his cab! No explanation, just gave it to me.
I made it through the airport just fine and got checked in. I had to rearrange my backpack before going through security and went through.

I had dinner and did a little shopping. I went to turn my laptop off and put my contacts in and reached into my bag, only to camera. My heart sank and immediately literally started sweating! I have some great pictures that I would be very sad to lose.

So I busted it to the gate and asked if they could call security to see if they had found any cameras. Keep in mind I had rearranged my bag right outside of security. They asked what type of camera and I told them. They said that they had one there and would breing it by. This was with about 20 minutes till takeoff. So, I had to sweat out the longest 10 minutes of my life while they brought it by. It was mine, thank God! I got it and ran onto the plane, happy for another miracle! Who turns cameras in anymore?

Well, here's hoping for a good, restful flight. I hope I don't need any more miracles to get to houston!
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