Monday, March 17, 2014

Scaffold Surfing

We had a very eventful day. Our vbs team completed their first day. They had 25 kids for the first day.  We expect more tomorrow as we had a lot of kids at the medical team. The vbs was very well received and the crafts were great. 

Our medical team saw 94 patients today which was more than expected. Very busy and handed out a lot of eyeglasses as well. 

We got a tremendous amount done on the job site. We got all of the ninth course completed and fears extended. We also had to put scaffolding up for the first time. We haven't worked with this type of scaffolding in the past so had to learn how it works. We have no side braces as we normally do. The Maranatha crew showed us what to do and it seemed a little unstable, but reasonably safe. 

We had one of the front ones collapse when someone got on it and we chalked it up to too quick of a weight transfer. We rebuilt it and put other braces on the top. 

Right before lunch, we were pouring the bond beam and had six people on the scaffold pouring concrete. I heard a crash and the entire side scaffold collapsed with everyone on it. It is truly a miracle that no one was injured beyond a scratch on Carolina's arm!  We spent some time after lunch and rebuilt all the scaffolds and found what we had missed before. They are now secure and rock split. Praise The Lord that our mistake didn't hurt anyone. 

Bobby is now our "dog whisperer". Our mascot was back again today. In the afternoon, he was laying in the middle of the street. A large truck was coming and was stopping. The dog wasn't moving either. Bobby ran out into the road, stopped the truck and got the dog off the road. We would have had a lot of upset people if he would have gotten hurt. 

Our weather was great again today. Ken keeps praying for no rain. We had just wrapped up work and cleanup and Ken mentioned to me that our prayers were answered again. At that exact moment, the skies opened up and it started raining-just as we were done. God is good!

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