Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sabbath in Brazil

We had a wonderful worship service with the church in Lauro de Freitas. The church we went to today is the church that is evangelizing in the Quingoma area. There is no church where we are building but they have three groups receiving bible studies at his time. 

Geneva led out in our Sabbath School bible study. The pastor and our Maranatha construction leader, Caleb, joined us as well. We had a very good study. 

The church service was fantastic. One of the conference leaders preached the sermon. Very inspiring and it gave me some ideas for a future sermon or worships.  We also had a couple of our volunteers participate. Eliel had the prayer and Claudell called for offering. 

The church is very warm and welcoming. We look forward to working with them throughout the week. First thing tomorrow morning, we are going to have a groundbreaking and bury a time capsule with a bible, Great Controvesy and prayers that our group will write out tonight. 

We will relax this afternoon and prepare for tomorrow after evening worship tonight. 

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