Friday, March 21, 2014

Final day of vbs and medical and excursion day

Vbs and medical had their last day of ministry today. They have truly been a blessing to the community this week. Their ministry is so essential to the long term success of this work. They are the ones that lead people to the churches and schools we build. 

Since we finished a day early, the construction crew took an unscheduled excursion today!  We went on a tour of old town Salvador, a lighthouse from the 1500's and then went to a beach. It was a great day and we thank our tour guides, Elmer, Elder and Aline. 

Old town Salvador

Old lighthouse from the 1500's

We had two people that were late today- Ray and Joshua. Ray had actually suggested their punishment earlier in the week and it came back to bite him. They had to perform synchronized swimming in the pool!  Words cannot describe.  I will try to post a video later. 

We are preparing for our church service tomorrow and to leave for Rio. It will be a highlight of the week to dedicate the church tomorrow!

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