Sunday, March 21, 2010

A rainy start in Palenque

We were greeted with rain this morning when we woke up. The Weather Channel is NOT accurate for Mexico (and neither is Accuweather)! It said there was only a 30 percent chance of rain starting at 10 am.

Regardless, we got a good early start to the day with our tour guides. We walked through Palenque in the rain (my favorite thing!). Everyone enjoyed it, in spite of the rain. One of our groups met a VERY interesting character on the tour. She was a little crazy and had been living there for two months. She had too many mushrooms one day and was walking around naked. Eliel got a picture with his new friend we will post when we get back!

After we got done with the museum and the gift shop, we are headed to Agua Azul and we hope for no rain!
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