Sunday, March 07, 2010

On our way to the jobsite

We are making our way to Liquidambar for our first work day. We had a great afternoon and evening at the university.

After we ate dinner, we had our worship and each team went over their plans for today. Afterwards, the stuydents were playing basketball and asked if we could play with them. We had a few teams, but one was undefeated. Gino, Claudell, Tito, Cornell and one of the teachers didn't lose all night. We may play them again during the week, depending on tired everyone is.
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Michelle said...

Thanks for the update, Greg! Tell Bobby to be careful!!! Hitting a little girl in the head - really! Sorry about his beef jerky! Praying for you all!

Michelle said...

wow hitting a little girl in the head daddy nice move!

El Ático de Nani said...

Thanks for the updates! Go Tito, go! God bless you all and a big hug to my brother Tito Charneco. XOOXOXOXO, Iki