Monday, March 08, 2010

Day two report

We had a good second day at the jobsite and a first day of VBS and medical.

We got all done with the 6th course and about half of the 7th. We also extended all of our rebar and set up our scaffold. I am happy with the teams progress. The maranatha crew is helping lay block as well! It was a hot day so hopefully everyone kept hydrated and enough sunblock on.

The VBS team had their first session today. They had over 100 kids today. In spite of some logistical challenges and computer crashes, they did a great job and the kids had a great time.

Medical and dental had their first day. They saw about 50 patients and Ed did major dental work on 7 patients. They also had the health department there to give immunizations.
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Meron said...

Yeay team!!

Please tell Tanya we love her and mom is checking out the blog regularly

Thanx Greg this is great