Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 3 report

We are on our way back from our third day. VBS had another good day with over 90 kids. They are having some parents pull their kids out because they don't want them learning about Christ. However, the kids are sneaking back in to learn more!

Medical and dental had a strong day. They saw 10 dental patients and 80 medical. No issues today.

We had a bit of a slow day today on construction. We got all done with 10 and got our window headers poured. We got about half of the 11th course done as well. We should get done with the side walls tomorrow and a lot of the end walls. We should still be able to finish as planned. We are suffering from the long commute! We have 3 hours of our day taken up with traveling. If we had one and a half of those back, I think we would be on schedule. Oh well--God has a plan and knows why we are where we are. Staying at the university has been good in a lot of respects, but the drive is tough.

Our team is still energized and anxious to get done. We had a few folks that were suffering from the heat that had to rest. All in all, no major health issues so far.
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