Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last Sabbath with church

We are on our way to Managua after a wonderful church service.

We had a bible study as a group and then we got a chance to hear some of the songs the kids leaned during childrens ministry during the week. It was wonderful to see and hear their enthusiastic voices singing and doing the hand motions.

The local youth group then performed a funny skit. It was in Spanish and even though we couldn't understand, it was well done and got the point across. The best part is that one of the performers was Jimmy, one of the workers on the job site.

The pastor called me outside and asked if I could do him a favor and then asked if I could preach the sermon.

I have been asked his a lot over the years and have always declined because i am not a pastor nor did I have any sermons ready. Well, last year after the mission trip, God inspired me to get a sermon prepared in case I ever needed one. With Gods help and some input from Tito, I prepared on about six months ago. I had never even given a dry run ..... Until today.

I told he pastor yes and got ready. Needless to say I was a bit nervous but once I got started God took over and got me through it. It was very hot in church and I always sweat a little more when I am speaking in front of a group so I was soaked by the time we were done. God is good though.

We said goodbye to all of our new friends, ate lunch and packed up the bus for the long drive to Managua. We are staying at a hotel near the airport for our flight in the morning.

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