Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another rainy day

We had a VERY rainy day at the job site. It was pouring rain when we arrived and didn't stop till around 2 pm. That slowed up progress all day.

We started one new wall today. However, there was so much water on the floor we couldn't lay any block. Sweeping the water away didn't work so Charmaine came up with the idea to create a dam around the wall, which enabled us to lay the wall. Truly a first!

We have tarps on the roof and they tend to collect water between the rafters. So, when they get full, they can break the ropes or pop the tarp. Sometimes we poke holes just to relieve the pressure before it breaks.

Well, we had all of the above happen. Cole is our designated hole-maker. He has gotten good at throwing rocks and making holes. As you can see from the pictures, there are a lot of them. Cole decided to take a "shower" under one of the streams of water.

Around 1 in the afternoon, half of the tarp gave way soaking quite a few folks. We had to stop work till we got the pressure relieved and it was safe to work again. We fell a little behind as a result. Still made good progress though.

More to come tomorrow.

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