Sunday, July 22, 2012

....and on the 8th day,God created tarps

I was woke up this morning to a bird chirping right outside my window at 5 am. It stopped.....and I know why. The skies opened up and rain poured out. It had done this yesterday and then stopped after an hour or so.

Well, today it didn't stop. It rained hard till 2 pm. We finally got to the job site after waiting on the bus.

We knew it was going to rain so we purchased tarps and had them shipped down in advance. The workers only had part of them up when we got there do had to get the rest of them on in the rain.

We started working in the rain. We had the toughest part of any wall, the first course. It was especially tough with water pooling and running across the floor.

Eric and Cole did an admirable job under the circumstances and got it laid after a few challenges.

As you can see from the pictures the tarps held up pretty well, but had some challenges and some holes developed. However, God is good and we made it through. The team did great today especially because most of them are first time missionaries. We got about five courses done on every wall.

We have a good routine going and will make great progress tomorrow.

Our children's ministry team for organized today and will start their work tomorrow.

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dyramia said...

The food must be great. Everyone is smiling in the photo.