Sunday, July 14, 2013

The good and the challenging

VBS had a great day today. They had around 200 children and had their best day logistically yet. They were able to spend more time with the kids with the manageable number.

Dental saw about 30 patients and ran out of supplies! We will have to get some more tomorrow. We also saw around 35 people for eyeglasses.

We had a very slow day on construction. We only got two coursed of block done. Granted, they were two of the toughest, but still shouldn't have taken all day. We have one course left on the outer walls and then we can begin work on the gable ends. We continue to struggle with the lack of good scaffolding and with other timing issues.

We had one of our team members sick today. Julian Kiture is having some stomach issues, but we have given him some medicine and he stayed back at the hotel.

More to come tomorrow
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Andrea Kiture said...

Greg here is my daughters number, we had a bad storm and my home phone is out and my cell is funny. 832 851 9962. Thanks