Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Headed back to hotel

We have a very tired group headed back to the hotel. It was very hot and humid and some of the team suffered from it. No one got sick, but we had to slow some of the team down

We had some significant challenges with the construction. The back side of the church was about 3 inches lower than the front. That meant we had to build up the back side, which means it took forever to get the first course of block laid. We also had to move most of the vertical rebars. So, we didn't reach our goal of three courses today. The maranatha crew is good to work with and everyone did really well.

Our dental team did great work today. They saw 120 patients in one day! The team picked it up very quickly and the dentists were very happy with their work!

The vbs team met with the local helpers and purchased other items for the week. They also assembled all of the crafts for the week so they got way ahead of the game!

Tropical Storm Chantal is projected to hit DR tomorrow afternoon with winds about 50 mph. We have cancelled VBS and the dental clinic for safety reasons. We have a call at 6:15 with the pastor for the latest forecast and will make a determination if we work a half day or not. We will head back at lunch regardless to stay away from the storm. More to come tomorrow assuming we have power and communications. We will do everything to keep everyone safe.

Keep us in your prayers
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