Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our wednesday report

We are halfway through our trip and have met our goals this far.

Our vbs group had another good day. They had over 90 children again today. They are getting into a rhythm with their helpers and with the kids. We are also considering conducting the program for a nearby orphanage on Sabbath.

We got the roof on both classrooms and half of the siding on one of the rooms. We also got half of the stall walls completed today. Unfortunately, we only got two courses done on the middle section. It is the most difficult block laying because of all of the plumbing. As my luck would have it, the walls weren't plumbed and laid out precisely, so we had to do a lot of cutting. Ray Wolff and I spent most of the day getting just those two done. However, the tough part is over and we should be able to move more quickly tomorrow.

We had all of our team back today after one was sick yesterday. Thank the Lord that we have been injury and sickness free!

Here are a few pictures of our progress.

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