Sunday, February 26, 2012

First day successes

We had a great start to our work week. We got four courses of block done on the bathrooms, tied the rebar and poured the concrete. Tomorrow, we will set up the scaffolds and start laying more block.
We got all of the trusses made and the wall structures in place for the classrooms. They made great progess today.

The weather was great today. Not too hot and we had a nice breeze all day. We only had one injury. Roxie Wolff slipped on a block and fell. Nothing major, but she has sore ribs. Her two sons are taking good care of her!

Our childrens ministry team met with the local church members and are organized for tomorrow. The church is very energized and ready to go.

Glenn Pringle arrived safely AND he was able to get Barbaras bag from the airport. A little scary that he could just walk out with it, but she is glad nonetheless.

More to report tomorrow.
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