Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dwindling numbers

We have had a number of folks get sick this week. Today we had two more get sick from the heat in addition to the three at the start of the day. However they are all better and should all be back tomorrow.

Our vbs crew had over 200 children and had a great day. Our medical team is dealing with some sicknesses of their own but had another good day and saw over 70 patients.

The construction crew completed all of the interior walls and one of the school buildings. We are almost done with another building and have the roof on the third. We got 6 courses on the back and are on target to finish by Friday.

We are having a traditional Honduran dance group at the hotel for a little cultural experience tonight.

We had an interesting experience today. The government has decided to privatize the schools and have the cities pay the teachers. All of the mayors were meeting in our hotel today and the teachers decided to strike here! Some of our team had to walk back mid day because the roads were blocked! We had a lot of military around as well. No issues, but interesting nonetheless!
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crazyhat said...

Looking good Greg,

I pray that you'll stay on track and are not affected by the local events.

I see that there's no activity on the roof. I'm guessing you are leaving that for the locals or the next group...