Saturday, July 24, 2010

Awesome Sabbath and great info

I made it to Choluteca at about 4 pm. I met up with Manuel and a pastor from Tegucigalpa that was helping Manuel. we met at a hotel and I checked in.

We then went to the school site and walked around. They have 9 acres of land and it should be a beautiful school. They have 700 students currently jammed into a small building.

We then went and visited with the Pastor for the district, Juan Colindres. He was excited about the possibility of VBS and medical and will help coordinate all of that.

After sundown, we met with the manager of the hotel and agreed to a contract! Manuel visited all the hotels on Friday and this was the best one based on what he showed me. Everyone will be happy with the hotel and the price. Pool, AC and good food. God really led in that situation and we have a great deal!

Tomorrow we will finalize transportation and Excursions, God willing.

I will post pictures when I get back.

I am excited about the trip already!

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