Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rainy day

We got almost completed with our goals at the job site. We got the 13th course laid and with the help of the maranatha team, we got it grouted. However, we didn't get the scaffolds torn down.

End of Tuesday

That is great considering we were 7 people down to start the day and dropped down 2 more during the day.

We had to give an iv to three people on the job site because they were sick.

Eric Griffin getting an IV at the job site

Gino getting an IV on the bus to the job site in the morning (dedication)

It also started raining about 2:00 and it was COLD! We moved much slower in the afternoon. It was raining so hard that we were about to leave at 4:00 because we were so cold (shivering, etc).

However, we all decided to stay a little later to finish the grouting and the rain let up and we finished.

God is good and we made good progress.

The medical team dewormed 600 patients at a school today. Amazing!

More to come later.
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Angela said...

It is wonderful was you all are able to accomplish with so many sick and uncooperative weather. Prayers must be working!!! Stay safe, and we will continue praying for the sick and all the work.

Angela said...

Sorry...It is wonderful WHAT you...