Monday, March 12, 2007

Day 2: falling like flies

We are just leaving the medical team site after a very successful day! The dental team treated 18 patients (after treating 20 on sunday) and the medical team treated over 300 patients today (after treating 130 on sunday).

Medical team operations

Dr. Dewar and Roxie working on a patient.

Medical team personnel

The construction crew had a remarkable day. We started the day out short 4 people because they were sick. During the day, two more had to back to the hotel because they were very sick. In addition, we had at least 5 others that were not full speed. In spite of these challenges, we still completed AND poured concrete up to the 11th course of block. Our goal was 10 with the stretch goal of 11 and concrete poured. So, we achieved the stretch AND left the jobsite before 5 pm!!!!

Progress at the end of Monday

God was really with us today and allowed us to make good progress. We are all concerned about our sick team members. Most of them got sick late last night and had fever, diarreaha and nausea. Luckily, Dr Ed Dewar, bush doctor, was able to give them some remedies before we left for work. In addition, two medical team members came back to give iv fluids during the day and Dr Arguello is seing them now.
The sickness starts at the job site

Ray and Rachel feeling poorly

Ray sleeping on a pile of block at lunch

We think that the sickness is a combination of the altitude and some fresh cheese that many people ate at the church on sabbath for lunch. Everyone who didn't eat the cheese is just fine.

More to come later.

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