Sunday, March 12, 2006

First full work day

We had our first full work day. Everyone was up and at breakfast on time (shock). Gino even made it to the bus on time!

The construction crew had a GREAT day! We are only four block short of completing eight courses on all of the outer walls-we are ahead of schedule. If we hadn't run out of mud, Guy would have been able to lay the last four.

End of day church picture

The construction team worked really well together. For having so many first time crew members, they jelled extremely well.

The medical team had a good day as well-they treated close to 300 patients!!!! We will a more detailed report later.

As is typical on these trips, the team spends a lot of quality time in the evening after worship and announcements. Typically, we play card games. This team is fixated on Uno. The first two nights have been won by the Wolff family-first Gino and then Rachel. We are switching the seating tonight to put more agressive players next to them so they don't repeat.

More to come later.

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