Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday night report

All groups had a great day on Tuesday. The children's ministry team had 67 kids. They also had a great addition of Dussan, a theology student on his break who is helping out and translating for the group. He added some great new music for the group

The medical team also had a great day, in spite of the rampant dogs running through the clinic! They treated 180 patients, many of them families. It was a wonderful day and they were able to touch a lot of lives.

We had a great treat after worship. It was Rachael and my anniversary today and I surprised her with an anniversary cake that the hotel made for us. We have been happily married for 19 years and she is still my best friend, 30 years after we met.

We also had our first entertainment of the week. Mell and Lisa were late to the bus and had to perform a skit for us. They reenacted the scene where the two women argue over the baby in front of Solomon. Ray played the part of Solomon

Here are some pictures from the day
Scene from our entertainment

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