Thursday, March 01, 2012

Thursday report

Our vbs team had another good day. They had 95 kids today and didn't have any issues. It was a nice sunny day so they could have their activities outside.

We got a lot done at the school today. We got all of the siding on the classrooms and some of the windows installed. We got all of the bathroom stalls completed and half of the dividing wall and storage closet.

We still have 6 courses and the roof to put on. We may not finish tomorrow. If we don't, we may have to work on sunday rather than go on our excursion. The group all seems willing to finish.

We had a great worship tonight. We had a lot of folks give their testimony as to why they are on the trip. It reminded me of a question one of my clients asked me: why not use the money that the volunteers spend for the trip (around 1500 per person) to send money down to have locals build the school. It was a good question that I had been asked before. One of the reasons is that these trips are ultimately more about building people rather than buildings. We spend this time away from our normal lives with other believers growing in Christ. We come back with a renewed spirit for Christ and a reminder of how blessed we really are in our daily lives. That is one of the key benefits from us going as volunteers, in addition to a real connection with the people we go to help.

Here are some pictures from today.

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Jacky said...

Very True!! Great Job!

God is Good.

Praying for you all.