Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Preparing for Mexico

Our team of 50 volunteers is busily preparing for our two week mission trip to Chiapas, Mexico. We are going to build three churches during our trip.

  • Our first week (March 5-15) will be in Liquidambar. It is a small town in the mountains near Tapilula. We are going to build a church in Liquidambar, conduct a medical and dental mission and hold a Vacation Bible School for the children in the area. We will be staying at a University about an hour away during that week.
    On Friday of the first week, we will also be constructing a One Day Church in Buena Vista Coracol. This small community of 18 families was relocated by the government a few months ago and they only have a small facility to worship in.

  • The second week (March 12-22) will be in Ixhuatan. We will be building a church in that community. The goverment is relocating a 1000 people there from the mountains and they are in desparate need of a new church. We will be staying at a camp during that week.

Please pray for our group as they go about their work. Challenges are sure to arise.

Assuming we have adequate phone signal, I will do my best to post daily messages regarding our progress. Please feel free to comment if you wish to get a message to one of our volunteers.

Week one Volunteers

Brendon Blake
Tito Charneco
Chelsea Cole
Heather Dantier
Ed Dewar
Elizabeth Eudoxie
Rachael Hatch
Tanya Henry
Andrew Hinds
Danielle Wolff-Hinds
Andrea James
Robert Joseph
Rachel Wolff-Joseph
Kim Kegler
Victor Martinez
Robert Mathador
Geneva McCallum
Mell Ombiga
Glenn Pringle
Doris Ray
Devan Ray
Ernie Schirra
Renee Gonzalez
Thelma Slater
Tanika Vital
Crystal Wilson
Roxie Wolff
Gino Wolff

Week Two volunteers:

Sam Bender
Dale Bender
Ashley Cleveland
Billy Gager
Eric Griffin
Mayra Griffin
Cole Griffin
Charlene Griffin
Austin Hanson
Steve Hanson
Meron Henry
Cesar Santos
Neale Shields
Danae Spencer
David Spencer
Antigoni Varahidis

Volunteers going for both weeks:

Bobby Battistone
Greg Hatch
Eliel Reeves
Jaclyn Sorbet
Claudell Wilson
Raymond Wolff



Anonymous said...

Praying for all of you! Love you-Brandy Prokop

Anonymous said...

Missing you already Tito!!!!! Praying for safe journeys for all and for the work to be fruitful there.